A year of pictures: 2018

 As I write this, it is the first day of 2018. A day when many of us are refining our New Year’s resolutions, some of which we will accomplish, some of which fall by the wayside. What are your resolutions for this year? Do any of them include coming to grips with all the pictures on your phone, tablet, computer, physical albums, shoe boxes and drawers? If yes, read on.

With this post, I am inaugurating a year long series about how to come to grips with your photos, digital and physical. We will cover many topics throughout the year, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • What software should you choose to organize your photos?
  • Do you need a scanner? If yes, what features should you look for?
  • Do you want to share your efforts with other people, either family or friends?
  • How carefully do you want to annotate your photos? Are dates, locations, and the names of people sufficient? Or do you need more?
  • How long will this effort take you?
  • What problems are you likely to encounter?

If you are interested in any of these questions, bookmark this blog. I will be posting a minimum of once a week, addressing these and many other related questions related to the vexing problem of organizing all of your photos. I look forward to seeing you here again.

I will also be accompanying this journey with pictures picked from my family’s extensive collection. Some will be of animals (mostly photographed by my Dad), some of exotic locales (where we have lived), and some will be of me as a child (mostly because I don’t have to ask myself permission to use the photo). These pictures, and accompanying commentary, will be posted on my social media accounts, all of which are listed below.Each account will feature a slightly different perspective on that week’s topic. Be sure to check each of the accounts, as the content will vary.

  • Twitter: @JBJ2110
  • Personal Facebook: /jessica.jolly.969
  • Business Facebook: /ALTEnter
  • Pinterest: jbj2110/a-year-with-pictures-2018/
  • LinkedIn: /in/jessicabjolly/
  • Instagram: /jbj2110
  • Google+: A Year of Pictures: 2018

This week’s picture is of me, at about one year old. I chose it because it shows me happy and ready for a challenge, which is exactly how I feel. If you feel the same way,  go find all those shoe boxes. Empty the drawers and stack the albums. We are getting started!

Happy and ready for a challenge!

4 Replies to “A year of pictures: 2018”

    1. That’s great! Do you have a lot of shoebox photos? I know you have a lot of digital photos because I enjoy them on Facebook!

    1. Thanks so much Barb! I will welcome your comments and input because you really have a lot of ideas and suggestions to contribute!

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