About me…

Jessica Jolly
Me, in my BI jacket!

I am a mid-career professional who has spent 27 years in corporate roles.  After leaving my corporate berth five years ago, I was at a crossroads. I had loved my job, and whatever I did, I wanted to enjoy it just as much or even more!

I had been teaching Microsoft applications at my local library, and was energized each time my students had an ‘ah ha’ moment. One thing led to another, and I took some tests to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Microsoft Certified Trainer
Microsoft Certified Trainer

Once I was certified, I began teaching Microsoft applications as a freelance trainer. And that’s been awesome! Technology changes every single day so I have to learn something new every day. The more I trained, the more I wanted to specialize in an area, and get deep. I love Excel (despite crying through every math class I have ever had), and started dabbling in Power BI.

After a year and a half, I decided to see if I could get certified in Power BI. And within six months, I became an MCSE in Data Analytics.

I now try to spread my enthusiasm for Power BI through a variety of ways. I conduct webinars on the Power BI User Group, I blog here, and I speak any chance I get. My natural audience are Excel users who want to start using Power BI.

If you need training on Power BI, for yourself or your organization, let’s talk!

I am also certified by WBENC as a woman owned business.