Other Resources

Here’s a wonderful thing about Power BI: there are a ton of resources out there, for beginners and skilled professionals alike. Here are some of them that I consult.


These are not listed in any particular order, and are in no way an all-inclusive list. These are just the ones I go to regularly. I am sure there are many that I am overlooking. I will update this list as often as I remember to!

Power Pivot Pro

Matt Allington’s Excelerator Blog

Marco Russo’s SQLBI Blog

Chris Webb’s Crossjoin blog

Microsoft’s Power BI ‘official’ blog

User Groups:

Power BI User Group (PUG)
A slight plug here for the Special Interest Group for Business Users. Full disclosure: I help moderate that group so I have an hidden agenda in promoting that SIG!

Microsoft’s Power BI User Group

YouTube Channels:

No list of resources would be complete without listing Guy in a Cube. I love them!

And a shout out to Avi Singh’s YouTube channel

Facebook Groups:

As you would expect there are a number of Facebook groups active in this space.

Talk PowerBI
(Hosted by Avi Singh whose YouTube channel is listed above.)

Global Power BI


Data Engineering Podcast 
This podcast is focused on the mechanics of managing data. Terms like ETL and data provenance are heavily featured.