Exporting Excel Worksheets to a SharePoint List

Often, we have data locked up in Excel, and we want to make that data more accessible. Maybe multiple people need to update it regularly. Or we want to access it with another tool readily. This is the reason I embarked on this project.

Full disclosure:
At first, I was going to do things the long hard way. (Why, you ask? Because sometimes it is just easier to not learn how to do things more efficiently. Admit it; you do it too.) But I saw the error of my ways and searched for better ways.

And what do you know? There was a better way! It’s a feature called Export in Excel, and it has been there for a while, but I had never used it.

I liked it so much I decided to create a quick video to show you how to do it.

Coming soon to a blog near you: Connecting Power BI to SharePoint lists.

Photo Credit:

unsplash-logoJoel Filipe