SEO woes? What the crooners can teach us.

Starting a new business entails learning to write. Quickly, pithily, well. Why you ask? Because it is not enough to know your stuff. You have to generate content constantly to demonstrate that you not only know your stuff, but you can comment on it too!!

The reason to do this? Engagement. Engagement drives search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO is the holy grail for all web presences. What is engagement when it is not disguised as a buzzword? Feedback. Responses. When you are just starting out, writing content and posting it feels like sending a note in a bottle out on the wide ocean. Will you ever get a response? Does anyone see your witty content? Does anyone read it? Does anyone care? Never mind. You have to keep at it, because even if it feels pointless, we are told that persistence is the key. Very few people make an immediate splash with their notes in a bottle. Discouraged? Take heart! These are not new problems. Take a listen to this classic tune.

Bing Crosby

Sit right down and write myself a letter

Then keep on keepin’ on.