Power BI Connector to Microsoft Graph

Microsoft just announced a connector for Power BI into Microsoft Graph, the underlying structure of your tenant. This connector will allow you to see security alerts that have been generated within your tenant, by user or by type.
Here’s the link to the post:
Power BI Connector to Graph
This post is in the Microsoft Tech Community, which, if you haven’t joined, you may want to consider. There are lots of sub-communities there, so you can explore other areas of interest. This post isn’t even been posted in the Power BI area; it’s in the Security and Compliance community.
But as many of us know, the entire MS suite of products work together, so it behooves us to explore the products adjacent to Power BI. Here’s a nice introduction to the Microsoft Graph, which you might want to know more about, regardless of your ability to use this connector (see below).


Back to the new connector. You will need to have the right privilege level (to see Security/Compliance content) to use this. But if you don’t, be sure to let your Security/Compliance know of this capability. You can train them to create new dashboards for themselves.

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