Join the Power Study group

As much as I like to extol learning and as much as I try very hard to always be learning, it can be very lonely. Reading books and blogs, watching videos, listening to podcasts is very much a solo activity for most of us. If you are an extrovert, like I am, the lack of a group with which to exchange insights, aha moments, and confusion is de-motivating. That’s why I have started a #PowerStudy group using my business Teams tenant. If you would like to be part of a community of #PowerBI professionals who are always trying to improve their skills, please contact me using the Contact form on my website. The Power Study group is 100% free and involves no commitments other than those you make to yourself. We also exchange information about new resources and job leads as we hear about them. Share the love of learning with like minded folks!

Photo credit: Headway on Unsplash