Learning from others

One of the hardest things I have had to accept as a trainer specializing in Power BI is that there are lots of equally or more knowledgeable professionals in this space. (This is of course true in any technical space; I just ‘feel’ it more in the Power BI space because I aspire to be an expert.)

But I am smart in at least one way. I recognize that I have to take advantage of all the resources that are posted on the internet by all of these wonderful Power BI professionals. When I am getting ready to deep dive into a new topic in Power BI, my first stop is YouTube, followed by the Microsoft documents, then websites. My latest foray has been into Incremental Refresh (IR), a feature that was released to Premium two years ago, and then to Pro accounts almost a year ago. I have finally gotten off my metaphorical derriere and attacked IR earnestly. I have compiled a curated list of the videos I have watched, documents I have read, websites I have visited. I have embedded a screen shot of the Learning List I created for myself. If you want to download a PDF version, please click on this link:
Yes I want a PDF of the Incremental Refresh learning list

I am not claiming this to be an exhaustive list. If you have a resource to add to the list, please feel free to add it in the Comments.

Photo credit: Rita Morais on Unsplash.